[KPD] Learning MIC DROP

KPD(K-Pop Dance Class) is a program we can have a opportunity of learning famous K-pop dance. On May 2th, Wednesday we had our third KPD class of this semester (also it was the final KPD program of this semester too). There were 4 Yonsei Global members and about 7 people of exchange students participated in this program. 

First of all, we met at 6:20 pm in front of the main gate of the university. All students kept the time very quickly, so the program proceeded pretty well. We moved to the dancing studio nearby Sogang University, and we met today’s KPD teacher from our college’s dancing society.

The class started at 7:00pm with teacher’s demonstration of first verse. The song was [BTS - Mic Drop].

Firstly, we followed teacher’s performance slowly with no song. The teacher said we will learn the dancewith no song firstly, and secondly with a slow version of the song, and finally with the original version. He said if we learn first verse of the song, it becomes clearly that we understand all parts of the song as well.

The first class ‘Dancing with no song’ finished at 8:00 pm. We took a break with delicious beverage. The slogan in the dancing room was so impressive. It means “Together, more meaningful tonight”.