[GD] 2018 Global Day - France Day 1

On May 4th Wednesday and 5th Thurday, Yonsei Global held our regualr event called Global Day. Global Day is an event in which students can freely participate various activities including games, quizes and photo booth related to a selected country. As this was a mandatory event for every members of Yonsei Global, almost all club members gathered at Global Lounge in Baekyang Noori and worked for the event from 11 AM to 6 PM on both days. This semester, the event was held with the concept of France, and Yonsei Global prepared various France-related materials, both academic and entertaining, for the participants. The activities specifically included quizes related to France, French sports games using Nintendo Wii, a photo booth with traditional clothes, and a VR experience that shows 360 angle-view of French scenary.

The event was freely open for everybody, and those who wanted to participate first went to the information booth and received a blank coupon that they could get stickers after visiting each booth provided. If the participant visited all 7 booths and received stickers, they could visit the final lottery booth and pick a lottery for random rewards. Baguettes with Cream cheese and drinks were given to every participants, and some lucky ones got rewards such as aroma diffuser sets, macarons, and echo bags. The event was very popular and it gave enjoyable memories not only to the participants of the event but also to Yonsei Global members who prepared and worked for it.