[GA] Hanok MT (membership training) program

GA HanokMT program took place from April 29thto 30th, for 2 days. Around 25 exchange students and 15 YG members participated in this event.

The group of exchange students and YGians met up at around 3 PM in front of our school gate, and took the subway ride (as well as the bus) to YangjuHanok village. We arrived at our Hanok around 5 PM. Upon arrival, YG members cooked rice, grilled beef and prepared Kimchi for dinner. Drinks were also provided, including Korean soju. We had time to introduce ourselves and get to know each other while eating.A group of people who finished dinner early even had the chance to play Jok-gu with neighbors, who came traveling all the way from Jella-do province, and taste their food as they offered us to try.

After 3 hours of dinner, we proceeded with our planned activities, including Pictionary, “Speak with your Body,” and team competition of rock-paper-scissors. Losing teams had to share a bottle of soju.