[CT] 2nd Company Tour - Visiting Amore Pacific factory

On April 27th, a total of 14 foreign exchange students and YG members gathered together early in the morning in front of the New Millennium Hall to drive to Amorepacific company. It was even before 9am, but thankfully, everyone arrived somewhat on time.


It took us a little more than an hour from campus to the company by bus, during which people enjoyed the time of their own, either chatting, listening to music or taking a rest to compensate for the lack of sleep. Once we arrived, we were provided with visitor’s nametag.


No photos were allowed inside, so our camera lens – both front and back – were covered with little stickers. For that reason, there aren’t any photos taken indoors. Although there were some strict regulations, the overall tour was a fascinating experience. We were guided from the foundation of the company to its current state. All the instructions were in English, so that both foreign exchange students and YG members can understand.


In addition, there is a photo zone, where you can actually become the model of a few advertisements. They provide both hardcopy and softcopy of the image taken, so it will be one of the interesting experiences in the tour.


Macintosh HD:Users:sunny_park:Downloads:IMG_6454.JPGThe best part is the free souvenir given at the end of the tour – a customized lipstick with the phrase of your own choice engraved. You can choose from a total of five choices of different colours at the beginning of the tour.


After about an hour of tour, we gathered to take a group photo both inside and outside the company building, and then travelled back to Seoul for a lunch together in a Korean-style restaurant.





The fee for lunch was included in the payment, so everyone could enjoy the menu they chose within the given budget. Some people left due to some personal reasons, but most people stayed and had some time to get to know each other. The official program after the meal and people split up to head to their own destinations.