[LE] Walk & Talk

On April 1. The program started at 10:30 and officially ended at 3 pm. Total time of the program is about 5 hours. 

We had “Walk & Talk” program in Yeouido Han-river park. 6 partners of buddies and 6 YG members participated in the program. But 1 buddy didn’t attend for personal reasons. So1 peoplewhose buddy didn’t attend organized team with 1 YG member.

We met in front of the main gate of Yonsei University at 10:30 am. And took 753 bus to go Yeouido. 3 YG members left in advance to confirm the location. After all people arrived at the park, we had a time to introduce each other and talk with buddies.

And we played some games. First game was “SPEED GAME with buddy”. Each team can choose one theme from 2 categories – Animals, Sports. For about one minute, one person explained by only body language.

The winner team got the 7 answers and we had gift time

Second game was “RELAY DRAWING QUIZ”, which was team match. All participants enjoyed the quiz and get friendly