[CT] 1st Company Tour - Visiting MBC

On March 24th, there was the first company tour of this year. Around 30 exchange students gathered at the main gate of Yonsei in the morning to visit MBC.

After they checked in, they received their meal, Kimbap, one of the representative food in Korea. Yonsei Global prepared various kinds of Kimbap including veggie one so that all students could choose on their own favors.


When we arrived at MBC, we were overwhelmed by lots of skyscrapers, monuments, and huge screens around of us. The screens were showing MBC channels live.

MBC featured its tour with its history, exhibit of famous shows and K-Pop idols and a variety of booths to experience broadcasting-related activities.

One of the most exciting moments was when we watched BIGBANG’s mini concert in hologram. It felt like we were in the concert hall in reality. So many students were singing along their songs and some even jumped and danced along.

We could also experience being a news announcer and take pictures with K-drama actors. Students said, they felt like they were one of Korean celebrities.


Anyone who is interested in broadcasting or K-culture will absolutely like MBC tour.