[LS] Learning Taekwondo


We gathered in front of the main gate of Yonsei University at 1:30 pm and headed to taekwondo studio which is close to Sookmyongyeodae station. It was around 2 pm when we arrived there. As soon as we arrived, an instruction handed out uniforms. After changing clothes, we sat around together and started to learn Taekwondo.

Firstly, the instructor taught about what taekwondo is and showed some basic actions of taekwondo.

After that, we did stretching to protect our body from getting injuries while doing taekwando.

When we heat our body up, the instructor taught us ‘blocking’ and we had time to practicing blocking with our partners.

Second technique that we learned is ‘punching’.

Last technique was ‘kicking’ and we also practiced this technique with partner.

The highlight of Taekwando lesson was breaking plywood. We wrote our goal of this year on the plywood and breaking it with our punch.


After the lesson is finished, we came back to Sinchon station and had dinner with strawberry makgeoli. Everyone had happy time with taekwando lesson!