[KCE] Making Kimchi & Wearing Korean traditional costumes

KCE 1st round

Making Kimchi & Wearing Korean traditional costumes

We gathered in the front gate of Yonsei University at 13:30 March 24th Saturday and we departed to Seoul Kimchi Academy in Myeong-Dong, one of the popular tourist sites in Korea. We took a bus and it only took about 30min, no need to transfer.

As soon as we got there, we wore aprons to make Kimchi.Everything was already prepared so we just needed to do what we were told to do. There was an instructor who can speak Korean, Japanese, and English so it was easy to understand instructions for everyone and the manual was clear. It only took about 2 hours in total.

Another good thing about making Kimchi ourselves is that we can bring what we made to our home. They provided special vacuum packaging so that Kimchi won’t go bad while we take it back to our home.


After we made Kimchi, we took some pictures and tried on Korean traditional costumes at the same place. There were many kinds for both men and women and we could try on as many things as we want. Girls even tried boys’ costumes and we literally took a lot of pictures.

After the program, we came back to Sinchon and had JJimdak for dinner with cheese on it.It’s a chicken boiled down by Korean soy source or pepper source. Everyone really enjoyed it.Since we are in a small group, we got to know each other much better.