[GA] Global Angel First Program

About 30 students gathered at Yonsei to participate in the Global Angel program. We headed for the Seoul National Cemetery by subway and arrived around 3.

A guide showed us around the memorial tower. He briefly introduced the cemetery and told us some facts about the Korean War. We paid our respects to the soldiers together and burned incense for them.

Then we moved farther into the cemetery to start volunteer work. It was a perfect day to be outdoors.

Each person was given a pair of gloves and a rag. We wiped the gravestones, pulled out weeds, and made sure the flower vases were standing upright. The activity lasted for 2 hours. Although the work was quite strenuous, everyone had a good time chatting with each other and enjoying the weather. After we finished, most people headed back to Sinchon for Don katsu and more fun.