[CT] MBC Sangam Studio

Company Tour is a program which gives you a chance to experience working environment of a widely known Korean company, take a look around their facilities with brief explanations with a company guide. On 27 March, the first Company Tour to MBC took place. Approximately 30 Exchange students who signed up for the program all gathered at the main gate of Shinchon Campus at 13:30, and took a bus as transportation. It took about 20 minutes to arrive at MBC, and the visting program officially started at 14:30.

Each participant was given a name tag and personal ticket, which automatically saves all photos taken during the tour using the photo-taking machine installed in each activity booth. The tour site was composed of three separate sections; section A was for taking selfies with hologram Korean celebrities inside photo booths theming popular Korean TV shows, Section B gave tourists chances to experience physical activities such as K-pop dance learning with K-pop stars in hologram, being an announcer for MBC News desk, watching a short video clip with cutting edge VR facilities. Last Section C was for experiencing costumes and properties used in real MBC TV series. Thus, student could take a glance at real TV series shooting in between the sections. After the tour with guide was over, students dropped by a gift shop and purchased some souvenirs to keep the memory. The official program lasted for around 3 hours from departure to dismissal.

Few tips before you sign up for this program! The time you’re allowed to stay in each booth is limited. You should all follow the MBC tour guide’s directions. So be quick in taking your turn when taking pictures or doing any activity. Thus, your better not get a cup of coffee at Paul Bassett in Section A because you’re not allowed to bring any beverages in Section B. On top of everything, keep in mind that Company Tour to MBC is more of a touristy activity, not a serious company visiting.


Written by. Yonsei Global Trainee 윤지현 (Jihyun Youn)