[OS] 63 Building & Aquarium

Our first One Shot program was at 63 building on March 26th. First, we met in front of the main gate of Yonsei University at 3pm. Then, we took the subway to go to Yeouinaru Station. It’s the closest station to the 63 building. We could arrive at the building at almost 4pm.

We went directly to the aquarium in the 63 building. There were a lot of marine life and we had a great time. We also watched a mermaid show.

After enjoying personal photo time, we had dinner at the food court. There were pretty many kinds of food so everyone could enjoy their meals.

Following the dinner time, we went to the observatory of the building at 7pm. The night view of Seoul was so beautiful.

Our program ended at 8pm and we went back to Sinchon by bus. It was a precious opportunity to have fun with many friends in Korea.


Written by. Yonsei Global Trainee 백소연