[TS]Eating at 명륜진사갈비(KBBQ)

          On April 28th, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students met in front of Yonsei university at 6 pm. We first introduced ourselves then went to 명륜진사갈비(KBBQ). We separated into 2 groups of 4. Some of them said it was their first time eating at this place. We ordered marinated pork and got some side dishes. We introduced them […]

[GM]Room Escape Game

On May 15th 2022, 4 YG members and 4 exchange students met at the main gate of Yonsei University at 6:00pm. We separated into 2 teams, 4 people each because we reserved for two different themes and headed over to “Room XCAPE.” The theme for Hobbit was in the White Room while the theme for Treasure Ship was in the […]

[KMN]Watching ‘Along with the Gods’

On April 29, 2022, at 6pm, the KMN program was conducted through the Zoom and Teleparty program. Before watching the movie togather, 4 YG members first met at the Zoom. Sohye Park, the haed of the KMN program, introduced how the program would proceed. Since then, introducions have continued among the members who participated in the program. We had time […]

[OS]Visiting Nodeul Island

On May 3rd, 3 YG members and 3 exchange students meet at the front gate of Yonsei. We introduced ourselves and moved on to take a bus to go to Yeonnamdong. We visited a Mexican restaurant to eat tacos. We ate shrimp, chicken, and pork tacos and it was delicious. While eating, we talked about the culture and hometowns of […]

[OS]Walking around Bukchon Hanok Village

On May 5th 2022, 4 members of Yonsei Global and 3 exchange students gathered in front of the Sinchon campus to visit the Bukchon Hanok Village. We met early in the morning to take the bus and arrived at Anguk station at around 9:30AM. After changing into hanbok, a Korean traditional clothing, we walked to the village. Bukchon Hanok Village […]