[GD] Putting our heads together to plan Global Day!!

<Putting our heads together to plan Global Day!!> We had a meeting at club room on 4th of April, 2019 to plan for one of the biggest event took charged by Yonsei Global, Global day.We decided to introduce and try some fun activities about Italy. The Global Day team prepared so hard for the festival and we could see their hard […]

[OS] Changdeok Palace

The Second One Shot Program to Changdeok Palace We had our Second One Shot Program on 13th of April, 2019. We visited the Changdeok Palace and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of flowers. There were twenty of us, including eleven exchange students and nine of our club members. We met at the SK International Dormitory and got on the bus on […]

[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

2nd KPD(K-pop dance) On April 2nd, we learned k-pop dance as a second time.At first, we met at Yonsei University front door, and headed to dance practice room. We had a dance class about famous k-pop group called BTS’s “Fire”.5 of YG members had participated and about 13 exchange students visited to enjoy dance class. We only had two hours to learn […]

[TS] ‘낙곱새’, Naggobsae

Our first ‘Tasty Shinchon’ program was held on the first day of April. 11 Exchange students and 7 YG members gathered in front of b10(student union building) at 6:30PM. After all members gathered, we moved to 개미집, the 낙곱새 restaurant. It took about 5 minuets on foot. Most exchange students didn’t know about 낙곱새, so YG members should explain 낙곱새, […]

[LE] Walk and Talk

We had ‘LE(Language Exchange) Walk and Talk’ program in Han river on March 31, 2019. The members are paired with a Korean student, one exchange student as a ‘Buddy’. With the exception of some, we gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University and went to the Han River by subway. Others joined at the station. We laid mats around […]

[KCC] Korean Cooking Class Day 1

Korean Cooking Class Day1 We had our first cooking program, ‘Korean Cooking Class’, on March 31, 2019. KCC is a new program which is made this year. Almost all of the members gathered at the main gate of Yonsei University and moved on. Other members moved directly to the place. We went to K-Food Culture Center. First, we heard a […]

[KMN] Watching Korean Movie, ‘Punch’

[KMN] Watching Korean Movie, ‘Punch’ We had first Korean Movie Night session on 7pm March 27, 2019. Four Yonsei Global members and Two exchange students met in 위당관 205. At first, our team leader briefly introduced this movie to understand easier. Then we started to watch ‘Punch’. After watching the film about an hour, we paused it and had some […]

[KPD] Learning how to K-pop dance

On March 26th, 2019, We had our first KPD program. KPD program is a program where we can learn K-pop dance choreography. The program started at 7 pm for 2 hours and about 12 foreign friends participated in this program. We met in front of the school and together we walked to the dance practice room which was located near […]

[TS] ‘모범떡볶이’, Mobum Tteok-bokki

Tasty Shinchon 1 – Tteokbokki We had the first “Tasty Shinchon” night on the 25th Monday, in March

[CT] Visiting MBC

On March 24, we had our first CT(Company Tour) program! We visited one of the famous stations in Korea, MBC. The gathering time was 9: 45 a.m., and 22 exchange students participated in the program. Taking a bus, we moved from school to the broadcasting station together. There were 3 zones open to the public, and the tour lasted about […]