[GD] Mexico Day Ep. 2

Sc global day – day2 One of the biggest events of Yonsei global, the second day of global day (Mexico day) was held on November 7th at Baekyangnuri Global lounge. All YG members took a part in decoration and ran the booth. It was opened to anyone who wanted to enjoy it. There were 7 booths: Mexico quiz, Finding jalapenos […]

[GD] Mexico Day Ep.1

On November 6th and 7th, Global Day which is one of the biggest events of the Yonsei Global was held at the Global Lounge, Baekyang Nuri from 11am to 6pm. This semester’s GD was focused on Mexico and therefore, was called ‘Mexico Day’. Many students who attend Yonsei visited this event and had fun participating in games and activities that […]

[GA] Membership Training Ep.2

YG MT is the most energetic program among all of YG programs. Many Koreans and other people from different countries can meet one another and enjoy several games together. It is a great chance to get closer to people in YG. This time, it was held on November 3rd to 4th and it was Saturday and Sunday. About 60 people […]

[GA] Membership Training Ep.1

 On November 3rd and 4th, 31 exchange students and 24 YG members went to GA membership training. We first gathered in front of New Millennium hall around 4 p.m., and went to cheonsaengyeonbun village by bus. After we arrived at village hall, exchange students greeted and introduced themselves to others in a room, and YG members prepared Korean barbeque for […]

[TS]’유자유’ (Yujayu), a popular tteok-bokki place

Our third ‘Tasty Sinchon’ program was held on the first day of November. 5 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered at 위당관 215 at 6 PM. We watched a presentation about some popular Korean food and played some simple quiz for special gifts. After that, we moved to 유자유 (Yujayu), a popular tteok-bokki place in Sinchon. We had a […]

[KPD]Learning 〔BTS – I Need You〕

The second KPD(K-Pop Dance class) for this semester took place on October 30th. 11 exchange students and 6 YG members gathered in front of Exit 7 of Sinchon Station, at 6:30PM. We moved to the dancing studio nearby Seogang University on foot for about ten minutes. After some people who wanted to change their clothes did so, all gathered together […]

[KCE] Experiencing Taekwondo

10.29 was the day of experiencing Taekwondo. It was the 2nd program of KCE. On Sunday, at 2 p.m., 3 trainees and a 1 buddy met at the Taekwondo studio near a Sookmyung Woman’s University station. As a buddy is unfamiliar with the way to Sookmyung Woman’s University, our KCE chief met her in front of Yonsei university and take […]