[KPD] Learning MIC DROP

KPD(K-Pop Dance Class) is a program we can have a opportunity of learning famous K-pop dance. On May 2th, Wednesday we had our third KPD class of this semester (also it was the final KPD program of this semester too). There were 4 Yonsei Global members and about 7 people of exchange students participated in this program.  First of all, […]

[GD] 2018 Global Day – France Day 2

One of the biggest progam of 2018-1, the Global Day took a place on May 3rd in Global lounge. A lot of yg students participated in decorating the lounge for the program and many yonsei students had a fun, joining the program that YG YG had 7 programs for student including VR ; visiting France, Trying on the France Costume, […]

[GD] 2018 Global Day – France Day 1

On May 4th Wednesday and 5th Thurday, Yonsei Global held our regualr event called Global Day. Global Day is an event in which students can freely participate various activities including games, quizes and photo booth related to a selected country. As this was a mandatory event for every members of Yonsei Global, almost all club members gathered at Global Lounge […]